Out with the Vespa

Our unique location in Tongeren makes Vespatoerist the ideal base for a vespa ride. The fruit region, the Maasland, the Voer region and even the Ardennes are easily accessible from here. So plenty of discoveries!


The Gallo-Roman Museum

The visit to the museum is highly recommended. Several presentations invite you to relive the world of Romans and Gauls. Suitable for both children and adults.
The museum was awarded 2011 European museum of the year and in 2014 best museum of Flanders. 


Basilica and Teseum

The magnificent Notre Dame Basilica is home to one of the largest and richest treasures in the Netherlands. With several relics, precious metals, books of medieval choirs and precious objects are exhibited.


Flea market

For over 30 years Tongeren has hosted a lively Sunday morning flea market. With more than 350 exhibitors and forty antique and brocante shops it is the biggest flea market in Benelux. This 'place to be' is home to an increasing number of British, French, German, Dutch and American visitors. They are all looking for the 'unique' piece of antique or brocante that they lack in their collection.

A British newspaper in 2017 praised the flea market.  


The Beguinage and the Beguinage Museum

The Beguinage Saint Catherine of Tongeren is one of thirteen Flemish Beguines listed on the UNESCO World Cultural and Natural Heritage List in 1998. The Beguinage Museum is located on the beautiful little square 'Under the lime tree'.


Velinx Cultural Center

If you want to see the works, or even better, even see the artists at work, then the cultural center 'Velinx' is an absolute place to visit. For programming: ... ..


Cycling networks

Limburg is a cycling paradise; 2.000 km of car-free cycle routes, clear signposting, picnic areas, cafes or small bistros for cyclists and charging stations for electric bicycles. Ride from one terminal to another, while enjoying a beautiful and varied landscape. The routes pass between the orchards, beautiful castles, wineries, farms and beautiful churches.   An experience to be written in large letters and underlined in your agenda.


Take a walk

Limburg offers you a network of very wide and high quality loops, perfectly marked and adapted to all, adults or children. Find your ideal hike: .......



Tongeren has an extensive range of eateries and bars, all serving our infamous Belgian beer. Many are around the Town square. We can provide reccoemendations to your palate and budget.


Some restaurants with telephone number:

    •      - Antica Roma:  +32 12/ 45 25 51
    •      - Le Casque:  +32 12/ 21 31 98
    •      - Gerechtshof:  +32 12/ 74 20 78
    •      - Intermezzo:  +32 12/ 74 15 74
    •      - 't Vrijthof:  +32 12/ 23 16 75
    •      - Infirmerie:  +32 12/ 44 10 44
    •      - Retro Velinx:  +32 12/ 26 24 34 




There are a range of local, speciality and large chain shops in Tongeren including books, clothes patisserie and chocolate.
Shops are usually closed on Sundays apart from the first Sunday of the month 'Sunday of shopping' from 13:00 to 17:00.

Castle of Alden Biesen

A magnificent heritage site, an international culture and conference centre and a tourist attraction: the Landcommanderij Alden Biesen in Bilzen is all of this. Alden Biesen, once built by the German Knighthood, is now one of the largest castle domains in the Euregion.


The wine castle Genoels-Elderen

Between Tongeren and Maastricht, along the old Roman roads, in the municipality of Riemst, lies the only Wine Castle of Belgium. This is not by accident, as the Romans had already vineyards in this area some 2000 years ago.


Maasmechelen village

Get inspired by current trends and exclusive offers at Maasmechelen Village.


Gardenfestival Hex

Every year in June and September, the gardens of Castle Hex open to the general public. Enjoy these beautiful gardens and visit the many stands of the numerous exhibitors.

Toerist guides

 Lieve Molenaers


 +32 478 53 14 40

 Lu Ruiters


 + 32 12 23 92 41